2017 Grants


Education & Job/Career Training

American Bar Association – Center on Children & the Law, $115,000 for 3 years (GR17-06Y)
Support for their technical assistance and training to the Nevada Washoe County Education and Foster Care workgroup, including the development of a ESSA toolkit targeting foster youth/educational issues in Nevada.

John Burton Advocates for Youth, $150,000 for one year (GR17-02R)
Support for their role as the coordinator and administrator for the California College Pathways Initiative (CCP). The goal of CCP is to support programs and policies to improve post-secondary educational success for foster youth in California.

Juma Ventures , $150,000 for 2 years (GR17-19Y)
Support to replicate and expand their youth employment training models to two venues in Sacramento, the Golden 1 Center and Paper Murphy’s Park.  The Juma program in Sacramento will serve low-income and former/current foster youth.

Opportunity Junction ,$150,000 for 2 years (GR17-05Y)
Support for partnership with Los Medanos Community College focused on employment and career training program for 18-24 year old students in East Contra Costa county.

Foster & At Risk Youth

Alliance for Children’s Rights, $250,000 for 2 years (GR17-01Y)
Support for their Fostering Kinship Families Project, focused on ensuring California’s Continuum of Care Reform legislation is implemented to create a kin-first and child-centered system that reduces reliance on group-home care.

Binti (fiscal agent Fostering Media Connections), $100,000 for one year (GR17-24R)
To install, implement and support an online foster family licensing software solution at child welfare agencies located throughout Northern California.

Children’s Network of Solano County, $100,000 for one year (GR17-23R)
To establish a Youth Leadership Council for Solano County.

Children Now, $250,000 for two years (GR17-03Y)
Support to coordinate the collective efforts of child welfare advocates in providing feedback to state-level policy makers in the implementation of California’s Continuum of Care Reform efforts.

Children’s Partnership, $70,000 for one year (GR17-07R)
Support for their Community of Practice for California counties focused on improving electronic information sharing, as well as developing follow up reports from the HackFosterCare events.

Fostering Media Connections, $100,000 for one year (GR17-21R)
To produce news stories focused on the education and employment of foster youth, and the intersection of technology and child welfare.

Sunny Hills Services, $70,000 for one year (GR17-20R)
To convert their group home to be licensed to serve Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth (CSEY) in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Western Center on Law and Poverty, $75,000 for one year (GR17-08R)
To provide policy guidance to California policymakers related to children’s issues in health care, public benefits, and entitlements.

Youth Radio, $100,000 for one year (GR17-22R)
To produce media coverage and interactive content focused on at-risk transition age youth issues.

Grants under $40,000

Alameda Family Services * Alex Smith Foundation * American Bar Association * Breaking Barriers * Bronco Bench Foundation * Childcare Resources * Children’s Action Campaign * Children’s Network of Solano County * Children Now * Children’s Partnership * Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute * East Bay Children’s Law Office * Epicenter * FosterMore * Fostering Media Connection * Hibiscus Children’s Center * John Burton Advocates for Youth * Mikeroweworks Foundation * New Doors Venture * New Haven Tennis Outreach * National Association of Social Work – New Mexico * NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) * National Youth Employment Coalition * OneJustice * One Simple Wish * Paws in Need * Pinellas Education Foundation * StoneBridge School * Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway * Tri-Valley Haven * Woodland Community College