2015 Grants


Education & Job/Career Training

Foundation for California Community Colleges, $300,000 for 2 years (GR15-13Y)
Support for the Foster Youth Services Initiative (FYSI) and the CalFresh Employment & Training (E&T) Program

iFoster, $300,000 for 2 years and $150,000 for 1 year (GR#15-06Y, GR15-15R)
Support a grocery industry job training program for foster youth in Placer County and San Mateo County

John Burton Foundation, $300,000 for 1 year (GR#15-38R)
Create a community of practice model for California community colleges participating in the CAFYES program; Provide analysis on California’s Chafee program

Judicial Counsel of California, $200,000 for 2 years (GR15-40Y) 
Support for the Northern California courts to participate in the “Keeping Kids in School and Out of Court” initiative

National Center for Youth Law, $400,000 for 2 years (GR#15-41Y)
Provide advocacy and technical assistance to California policymakers on foster youth and employment and education opportunities

Public Counsel, $200,000 for 2 years (GR#15-03Y)
Education advocacy, technical assistance, and policy reform efforts in Northern California school districts as part of their Fix School Discipline Project

Silicon Valley Children’s Fund, $380,000 for 2 years (GR#15-42Y)
Development of Guardian Scholar programs in Santa Clara county community colleges

Skyline Community College, $280,000 for 2 years (GR15-04Y)
Support for the Guardian Scholars Program and Career/College Planning for foster youth scholars

United Way of the Bay Area, $120,000 for 1 year (GR15-05R)
Career and employment assistance for the Guardian Scholar programs located in San Francisco City College and Skyline Community College

University Corporation at Monterey Bay, $450,000 for 2 years (GR15-08Y)
Support for the Central Coast Higher Education Former Foster Youth Network (5 college campuses)

Washoe County Department of Social Services, $300,000 for 2 years (GR15-09Y)
Support an Educational Success Program for High School Age Foster Youth in Washoe County

Foster and At-Risk Youth

Bay Area Legal Aid, $225,000 for 3 years (GR15-01Y) 
Provide technical assistance and policy assistance for expanding AB12 services in Sonoma, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties

Children Now, $250,000 for 1 year (GR15-37R
Lead a coalition of California child welfare advocates to analyze the impact of federal finance reform on California’s child welfare system and propose policy changes; To provide analysis on California’s Continuum of Care Reform

Immigrant Legal Resource Center, $220,000 for 2 years (GR15-39Y) 
Provide training and technical assistance for court and social work staff on immigration issues and its impact on families in the child welfare system

Legal Assistance for Seniors, $300,000 for 2 years (GR15-02Y) 
Kinship caregiver research and planning grant for Alameda county

On The Move (dba VOICES for Youth), $100,000 for 1 year (GR15-16Y)
Improve services and support for older foster youth Monterey and Sonoma county

Through the Looking Glass, $270,000 for 3 years (GR15-14Y)
Transition age foster youth with disabilities in Alameda and Contra Costa counties

Youth Law Center, $250,000 for 2 years (GR#15-43Y)
Provide technical assistance and advocacy for California policymakers in implementing the Continuum of Care Reforms

Grants under $40,000

Abode Services  * Alameda Family Services  * Alliance for Children’s Rights  *  Ainsley’s Angels of America  *  Beyond Emancipation  * Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula  *  Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco  *  Bronco Bench Foundation  *  Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS)  *  Central Valley Higher Education Consortium  *  Children NOW  *  Community Works West  *  East Bay Children’s Law Office  *  Ettie Lee Homes for Youth  *  Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco  *  First Focus  *  Fostering Media Connections  *  Larkin Street Youth Services   *  Learning Alliance  *  Life Learning Academy  *  National Alliance on Mental Health  *  National Center for Youth Law  *  National Foster Youth Action Network  *  New Haven Tennis Outreach  *  OneJustice  *  Paws in Need  *  People in Ethical Treatment of Animals  *  Pleasanton Partnerships in Education  *  Public Counsel  *  Read to Live  *  Responsible Athletes Program (RAP)  *  San Francisco Ballet Association  *  San Francisco Opera Association  *  San Francisco Parks Alliance  *  San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department  *  San Francisco Symphony  *  Silicon Valley DeBug  *  Stanford University   *   Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway  *  Union of Concerned Scentists  *  University Corporation at Monterey Bay  *  Wellness City Challenge  *  Western Center Law and Poverty  *  Wounded Warrior Project.