2014 Grants


Education & Job/Career Training

California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc., $50,000 for 1 year (GR#14-10R)
Training court staff on educational issues facing foster youth in rural counties

California State University Fresno Foundation, $70,000 for 1 year (GR#14-16R)
Youth summer college boot camp and Youth Ambassador program as part of the Central Valley Higher Education Consortium programs

Campaign for College Opportunity, $100,000 for 2 years (GR#14-63Y)
Advocacy and policy reform efforts to expand college access for underrepresented students enrolled in community college and state universities in California

Central American Resource Center of Northern California, $40,000 for 1 year (GR#14-09R)
Leadership development and job training for low income Latino youth in San Francisco and surrounding counties

Civicorp Schools, $300,000 for 3 years (GR#14-34R)
Provide GED/high school completion and employment experience for former and current foster youth ages 18-26 in Oakland

Community Initiative (fiscal agent to the John Burton Foundation), $360,000 for 3 years (GR#14-36Y)
Technical assistance provider for the California College Pathways Initiative which promotes foster youth success at 2- and 4-year campuses

Education Results Partnership, $100,000 for 2 years (GR14-24Y)
Develop a foster youth data dashboard and corresponding data reporting and analysis tool for the California College Pathways Initiative

FosterClub, Inc., $50,000 for 1 year (GR14-23R)
Support for the “Foster Web Developer” internship and technology training pilot

Goodwill of Silicon Valley (fiscal agent for TeenForce), $267,000 for 2 years (GR14-22Y)
Temporary employment program for foster youth in South Santa Clara and San Mateo counties

Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation, $25,000 for 1 year (GR14-20S)
Employment and career training for foster youth scholars participating in their ELITE Scholars Program

Orphan Foundation (dba Foster Care to Success), $200,000 for 2 years (GR14-27Y)
Support for the creation of “FosterU” website for foster youth scholars, the “All Financial Aid is not Free Money” campaign, and staffing for the national working group on higher education and foster youth

National Center for Youth Law, $120,000 for 2 years (GR14-32Y)
Develop a toolkit for its FosterEd Initiative

Reading and Beyond, $50,000 for 1 year (GR14-19R)
Support for the YES College Preparation Program for low-income high school youth, many of whom are foster youth, in Fresno County

Research Triangle Institute International, $40,000 for 1 year (GR14-13R)
Provide evaluation and data collection technical assistance for the California College Pathways Initiative

West Hills College Foundation, $30,000 for 1 year (GR14-39S)
Provide support to improve and expand its foster youth scholars program to include employment and career services.

Foster and At-Risk Youth

A Home Within, $100,000 for 1 year (GR14-61R)
Provide mental health support for foster youth in rural California using tele-therapy, online training and support to rural school districts

Alliance for Children’s Rights, $175,000 for 2 years (GR14-01Y)
Policy and advocacy for supporting relative caregivers in the foster care system

America’s Promise Alliance, $30,000 for 1 year (GR14-26S)
Support to First Focus for California’s participation in the State Policy Advocacy and Reform Center (SPARC)

California CASA, $75,000 for 1 year (GR14-08R)
Communication and media capacity and technical assistance

Chicks in Crisis, Inc., $25,000 for 4 months (GR14-06S)
Planning grant to develop a drop-in center for transition age foster youth

Child and Family Policy Institute of California, $102,000 for 1 year (GR14-02R)
Support for the California Partners for Permanency reform effort

Children NOW, $100,000 for 1 year (GR14-14R)
Analysis and accountability for the continuum of care reform efforts in California

Community Initiative (fiscal agent to the John Burton Foundation), $200,000 for 2 years (GR14-35Y)
Policy analysis and technical support for the THP-Plus Implementation Project

Creative Visions Foundation, $25,000 for 1 year (GR14-15S)
Travel costs and staff support for social media training and follow-up activities for WSJF grantees

Fostering Media Connections, $120,000 for 2 years (GR14-33Y)
Online media devoted to coverage of foster and juvenile justice issues

Legal Services for Children, $175,000 for 1 year (GR14-18R & GR14-64R)
Training institute for children’s attorneys using an interdisciplinary model

National Foster Youth Action Network (dba Foster Youth in Action), $60,000 for 1 year (GR14-31R)
Support for California’s participation in a national network of foster youth led organizations

New America Media, $30,000 for six months (GR14-12S)
Strategic planning grant for Silicon Valley De-Bug

On The Move, $175,000 for 3 years (GR14-65Y)
Support to develop a new drop-in center for foster youth in Monterey County and to expand AB12 services in Sonoma county

Santa Clara County Social Services Agency, $50,000 for 1 year (GR14-04R)
Research support to participate in the LGBTQ and immigration integration initiative

Sierra Association of Foster Families, $30,000 for 1 year (GR14-29S)
Support for the planning efforts of the Washoe County Nevada Foster Youth Education Task Force

TapFund, Inc. (dba Taproot Foundation), $50,000 for 1 year (GR14-25R)
Provide technical assistance and consultation to WSJF grantees using its pool of pro bono industry experts

University of California at Berkeley, $45,000 for 1 year (GR14-21R)
Research study focused on the well-being of children in kinship foster care in Contra Costa County

University of Chicago, $200,000 for 2 years (GR14-17Y)
Research study focused on outcomes of all California transition age foster youth to adulthood

University of Illinois, $85,000 for 1 year (GR14-11R)
Training and publications to support immigrant foster youth services in California

Volunteers of America Northern California/Northern Nevada, $85,000 for 1 year (GR14-28R)
Support for form a new Contra Costa County Transition Age Foster Youth Coalition and for the Get Set transition age foster youth summer program

Westcoast Children’s Clinic, $50,000 for 1 year (GR14-05R)
Screening tool for commercially sexually trafficked youth

Special Projects Fund

Public Interest Projects, $170,000 for 1 year (GR#14-37R) 
Fiscal sponsor and re-granting agent for Walter S Johnson Foundation Special Projects Fund

Additional Grants under $30,000

Ainsley’s Angels of America  *  Alameda County Public Defenders  *  American Bar Association Fund  *   Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula  *  Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco  *  Bronco Bench Foundation  *  California Youth Connections  *  Children Now *  Creative Visions  *  Ettie Lee Homes for Youth  *  Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco  *  Foundation for California Community Colleges *  Fred Finch Youth Center  *  Learning Alliance  *  Lilliput Children’s Services  *  National Alliance on Mental Illness  *  National Girls Health and Justice Institute  *  National Center for Youth Law  *  On The Move  *  Paws in Need  *  People for Ethical Treatment of Animals  *  PolicyLink  *  Prescott Area Shelter Services  *  Salvation army  *  San Francisco Ballet Association  *  San Francisco Opera Association  *  San Francisco Parks Alliance  *  San Francisco Symphony  *  SOAR for Youth  *  TeenForce  *  Union of Concerned Scientists  *  Wildlife Associations  *  Wounded Warrior Project.