Hire A Foster Youth

Youth in foster care have boundless potential to grow the nation’s economy.  With the right training and support, the strength and resilience that has helped them overcome life challenges also instills the persistence and drive to succeed on the job.

More and more smart employers are committing to a double bottom line: profitably growing their businesses while providing foster youth pathways to life success through employment. And with the largest labor gap for the next generation of work-ready employees ever facing this country, a commitment to hiring talented young people is all the more urgent.

By bringing together businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and philanthropy, the goal of the Hireafosteryouth.org campaign is to:
  • Ensure a level playing field so that foster youth have the same employment opportunities as their non-foster youth counterparts;
  • Share foster youth-focused work-readiness assessments, job training curricula, and other resources with youth-serving organizations;
  • Connect the nation’s leading employers and small businesses with work-ready foster youth;
  • Provide innovative approaches to internships and mentorships for foster youth;
  • Promote best practices for supporting foster youth as they transition into employment and self-sufficiency; and
  • Educate the business community, the public, and the media about the value and potential of the nation’s foster youth.

For more information, go to hireafosteryouth.org