Hack Foster Care


Hack Foster Care is a collaboration of organizations and agencies who share a mission to improve the lives of foster care.

Research released on May 26, 2016 reveals a marked digital divide for foster youth.  Led by the Walter s. Johnson Foundation and Foster Care Counts, a public/private coalition has been created to address this digital divide in California.

This collaboration is focused on both micro and macros solutions, including:

  • ACCESS – Providing opportunity gateway for all youth in foster care such as laptops and other productivity devices, including internet access.  See video, “One Laptop Per Foster Youth.”
  • EMPLOYMENT AND EDUCATION – Helping youth in foster care have STEM training and career exposure to jobs in technology.
  • APPLICATIONS – Creating tools that improve connections to resources and support networks that educate and improve productivity for caseworkers, caregivers and youth, such as a digital locker for youth to store vital information and records.
  • DATA MANAGEMENT – collecting and using data to improve child welfare services and outcomes for children, youth, and families.

For more information, please visit the hackfostercare.org website.