Current Grantees


Reports are required for all grants, see guidelines below:


Multi-year grantees must submit interim reports for every year of the grant life-cycle, and a final report at the end of the grant cycle. Interim reports are due three months prior to the yearly anniversary. Reporting dates will be included in the grant contract. In addition to the narrative report, please submit an update on accomplishments to date on the current year’s accountability plan and a revised accountability plan for the upcoming grant year.

Single-year grantees who are considering applying for renewal funding should contact program staff six months prior to the end of the present grant-term. If invited to re-apply, a report on progress toward the present grant year’s goals, objectives, accountability plan, and spending should be submitted with the new proposal application.


All grantees are required to submit final reports, which are due two months after the end of the grant period, unless otherwise specified.  For multi-year grants, the final report is a cumulative, comprehensive examination of the entire grant term.

Please note that the Foundation typically provides no more than two or three  years of consecutive funding.

Since all reports have been revised recently, grantees should contact Charles “Chuck” Hoblitzelle, Grants Manager for current forms and instructions.  

Questions regarding reporting should be forwarded to Yali Lincroft, Program Officer.